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POE: Double charge generation is actually quite interesting

I see lots of folks being snide jackasses to folks voting for Option 2.

I voted for Option 2 – because I love the Raider ascendancy and saw this as a potential enabler for a lot of interesting Raider builds. Yes yes, ‘there’s a flask for that’. Perhaps I want to use my flasks for something else? Folks going on about how awesome the Bleed/Blind is because Blind is so rare…hey, guess what? They have a flask for that, too! They have a flask for most everything! Maybe I don’t want to run silver flasks on everything?

Option 1 is interesting, but it’s not build-enabling. It adds some Dodge (always nice to have, and dismayingly rare. This is easily my second-favorite option for the belt, buut…), some universal attack leech (nice, but increasingly available across the board, especially for the Duelists and Rangers the belt is generally targeted at), and some Maim (does anyone even care about Maims, given the instasplode meta?) All of which are neat with the POE Chaos Orb, and they help reinforce otherwise-dubious warcries…but none of that is build-enabling. You can’t do anything new with it. Not really. It’d be a great choice for Dodge builds that’d get an extra 10% attack dodge stacked on top of everything else they do, but Dodge builds already exist.

Option 3 is boring and a poor build choice. 20% chance to bleed means you need a fast-attacking or multihit skill to proc the thing reliably, which means many small hits instead of one big one, which means weak Bleeds. 20% Blind against Bleeding targets is only useful if you can reliably Bleed targets, which you can’t do with the belt alone. You’d need another Bleed source to make use of it, and frankly? They have a flask for Blind on command, and Stibnite flasks are more fun and overall more useful than Silver flasks anyways.

Double charge generation is actually quite interesting. You could run an Oro’s Sacrifice Flicker build off an Ignite gem alone – or forego the Ignite gem for more damage, run on nothing but the Ignite chance from Oro’s and a Flammability curse if you have to, and still maintain Multistrike Flicker without any trouble. Double Endurance charges doesn’t help much, but it could be used similarly to help fuel a Duelist-based Vigilant Strike build, if someone wanted to be particularly funky. Also works well with Gladiator’s Outmatch and Outlast, which wants to build up to max Frenzy and Endurance charges both and stay there as long as it can.

Alas, double charge generation also empowers Discharge, and frankly it’s time Discharge earns a 2s cooldown so it can stop obsoleting the rest of Path of Exile. Until then…prolly not the best choice?

Onslaught on Fortify, though? Raider gets easy access to Onslaught to fuel its Veil and Chase abilities even during boss fights, where Onslaught is otherwise often difficult to obtain (outside the mechanically uninteresting and short-term-only Silver flasks). Slayer, with its stun chance bonuses to Buy POE Chaos Orb, also gets much easier access to both Fortify and now Onslaught with it. Onslaught on Fortify opens the belt up to anyone who might be able to benefit from both buffs – i.e. everyone – who has a way to generate the latter – i.e. most everyone.

Is it the perfect belt for every build? No, of course not. Do Champions get to equip it and basically say screw-you? Yeah – but they get to say screw-you whenever they want anyways. Is Onslaught-on-Fortify the most versatile and build-enabling option on the list? I’d say so, yeah.

Also. Question. Does not Iron Reflexes set evasion chance to 0, not evasion rating? I’m pretty sure your evasion rating remains just fine; it’s just decoupled from both Dexterity and your actual evasion chance. If that’s the case…wouldn’t the belt’s attack speed per 300 of AR/Evasion be completely unaffected by Iron Reflexes?

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Trove: On the portal there is posted the suggested level for that world

Imagine you’re working for a moving company, and you have a partner (leecher) who you’re forcefully paired with. Now you have to move a 20 foot box truck worth of furniture (the dungeon) into a house. This partner is a bit weaker than you, but completely able to do something, even if its to take a tiny load (enemies) of weight (damage) off of your back, and help you move a 100lb solid wood dresser. I’m sure a reasonable person could agree that even the partner being able to lift 20% of that dresser would help alleviate some of the work for you.

Now this partner decides to pull up a chair, and start drinking cool ice-t while watching you do all of the load, not even thinking of picking up the tiny 20lb nightstand. At the end of the day, the truck is finished, but you had to move all of the Trove Flux. You return back to your office, and find out both of you just got paid the same amount, and sometimes they even get paid (loot) a little extra, because the boss (Trion’s RNG) likes him.

Would you be upset? I would be. In fact this is a real life situation I’ve been in, where I got the guy fired. This is what leeching is like. Now let me say, I don’t mind helping people at all. I’ve carried mannnnnnnnny people through STs before, and did dungeons with them. What I don’t like is random people whom just start following you during normal non-challenge farming, and then just sit on the dungeon waiting for the loot to drop.

Now I know all of us have a time we’re too weak to do much of anything, but you know what I did? I asked the people if it was ok to join them and leech. Majority of those times too, I tried to help or died trying. The important thing is you at least tried. Who knows, if you try, you may find out you’re not as weak as you thought. You don’t get anything in real life by sitting on your butt.

No. No, and no. Ask yourself this, if the person leeching was not there would your experience differ in ANY way? Would enemies be easier or harder? Would you get more loot? No, you would not. You also can’t factor in that they get better loot either because the entire loot system is RNG based so that has absolutely nothing to do with fighting or not.

At the end of the day you are just someone butt hurt about someone else for whatever reason not fighting in a dungeon. It doesn’t have any effect on you, not in how fast you do the dungeon, not in the loot you get, nothing. There is no downside at all to them doing this, in regards to your game play.

On the portal there is posted the suggested level for that world. Experience is capped based off your level. You can go into a portal 1 level range higher then your level and not get capped. With the introduction of gems it is easy to get a lot more PR then the level needed for a world. Not uncommon for a level 20 to have 2500+ PR or more and can get into U7 but be capped U6 levels through the Trove Flux for sale. Now to get the better gem boxes it is best to go to the higher PR world you can get to and tag along and help the group, faster dungeon completion means more exp.

keep copy pasting that as much as you want, it’s not going to add anything to your point. And it doesn’t even answer the question in any way. Does them NOT being there do anything to you? Is there a difference between them not being there, and them leeching? Does your experience at all change between them leeching and them being gone?

If they are not even there the dungeon is going to be however hard it is, if they are leeching there the dungeon is STILL going to be just as hard as before. The difficulty does not change in any way. So again, at the end of the day you are just upset about someone doing something that has little to no impact on your experience in the game.

now i know this is more of a “helpful guide for all the bad leechers” and less of a “how to prevent leeching” thread, but i just had an idea while reading it that might help at least make leechers help a little.

you can only get loot and xp if you do x% of the dmg to the boss. you would still be getting progress for your challenge, and this feature would be disabled in everdark and st’s. i feel 10-20% would be ok for this, as unless you are leeching off of a extremely op guy in u9, bosses wont die that quickly so you can get your dmg in, even if you are not the highest pr.

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Trove: how materials get added into the game

The crazy thing, is that you have to separate how materials get added into the game, and how flux gets added into the game. I do not have huge issues with multiboxing for materials like sunlight bulbs on multiple accounts. That still takes effort and farming, as you still have to run around and gather items.

The issue that I see, is that people are mass ‘alt farming’ as now it is very encouraged. Requirements are stupidly simple.
Get 7 sets of gear, and as many alts as you wish. Level up each alt to 10, slap on crap gems you got while getting to 10, and level them up, and POW, you can run every hard mode shadow tower.

Have your main do shadow tower runs, and you will net 12 titan souls per run, per account. Multiply that x7 (for each alt) and WOW, you get 84 titan souls for running three shadow towers. Need more alt power? Run hard DOTM for 4 empowered gems!
Remember you do not need your alts to run the entire tower, just invite each alt to the boss room, and then have your main kill it!

That is 28 titan’s treasures per run. At an average of 9k each, means that you just created a quarter of a million flux to the economy.

Need more Trove Flux? Keep adding alt accounts! Remember you only 7 sets of gear in total, so store the gear in one club chest that only you have access to, do another hard run, and get yourself another quarter of a million flux!

How long would it take you to create a quarter of a million flux in the game with just one account? If you said ‘market’ that is incorrect. You cannot create and add flux to the economy in this way. The flux only changes hands.
Huge difference here.

You want to know why patron is increasing, as well as many of the other ‘items’ that are not farmed? Read and understand the above.

What I really hope happens, is the following:

Instead of titans souls getting automatically granted upon completion, It would be required to use dungeon keys to loot the boss end box to earn the souls.

That way, people cannot remove the time gate of titans souls, simply by alt account farming. (as they would have to actually dungeon with each account to earn key fragments to make their keys).

Else, I would hope that the timegate for earning titan’s treasures per account gets removed. Why not let everybody just have free reign to earn as many titan souls and lunar souls as they wish???

Else shortly, guess what I will be spending my time doing?
Being on one account only, I cannot keep up with the mass of easy flux. Perhaps instead of writing all of Cheap Trove Flux, I should have been creating alt accounts and earning a few million flux per week doing 4 or 5 hard mode shadow tower runs. I mean… I carry others thru the hard mode shadow towers as I can solo all the hard modes…

I warned of this previously, and only the multi-boxers seemed to hate the idea of all this easy flux for their income going away…And gauging the responses, it is pretty apparent who multi-boxes for easy profit.

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Trove: some reason with both the rev and CB they give me a weird feeling

I think that it is now in a much better spot than it ever has been if built correctly. From a numbers standpoint it is more balanced, and from a personal standpoint I am finding myself having more fun then I ever had on Rev. It is still not the very best but I would put it up there.

Will try to get some images going once I get back on my desktop in a few hours. Only 7.5k PR (unoptimized) but I am keeping up with higher PR players so that is a good sign.

I couldn’t finish it I’m sorry. I like the revenant but not enough to need a full breakdown of how to use him. I don’t know what it is with me and the bulky looking classes. For some reason with both the Cheap Trove Flux rev and CB they give me a weird feeling and make me not want to play them. They’re not bad it’s just me being weird. That being said I still like the SH even if it’s mostly point and click.

I honestly doubt many people will find reading a 2.2k word essay on a game characters mechanics rather enthralling. I find a big part of playing a class is also how they look and if they appeal to your tastes just as much as how they play out. For me I just put on the Super Magical costume and pretend I’m Ladybeard. So no problem at all if it is not for you, just trying to spread some love to less played classes.

Do you know how hard it is to convince people that the best ally for a physical damage class is a magical damage one? Incredibly hard. It destroys everything you are taught while playing so most try to believe otherwise.

Now if we did have a Physical damage Chronomancer it could cause a lot of balance issues. The largest one is rather obvious being Boomeranger (not for the reasons you think; it is super bad but looks amazing). Most Magic classes do not have a whole lot of uses for cooldown reduction meanwhile physical damage does. Just with this Rev build switching from one damage type to Buy Trove Flux another you go from 1518.02% to 1662.59% dps. It doesn’t seem fair but think of the damages.

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Trove: Patron passes have been going up in price exponentially

So as many of us already know Patron passes have been going up in price exponentially. I just checked again and as of now they’re almost at 500k. That’s kinda ridiculous with the fact that end game Patron is almost a necessity. If memory serves Devs monitor some prices in the Market and artificially lower them by adding them into the Chaos Chest rotation. Why haven’t they done that yet here? They’ve been rising since all the bonuses started that Patron could take advantage of and once people could take advantage of it they did. It’s possible someone is flipping the market I really don’t know but it’s starting to get out of hand.

I have no issue supporting the game. It’s just that it’s a lot higher than normal and one of the things about Cheap Trove Flux is that you don’t have to spend any money. That being said it should still be valuable but 500k is a bit much with how much other things for the same irl currency is. It should be more but not THAT much.

I’m not really keen on that statement. Personally I can’t justify or want to continue paying a monthly fee for a game when there’s so much else I can get. There’s nothing wrong with supporting the game in other ways apart from patron, especially when things like inventory space is both needed and expensive. Not everyone can justify spending a grand on a game that can’t manage to be stable which is easily what you’d do if you bought every thing you wanted. Plus by buying patron itself, that’s also supporting the fact that they’ve been the game too reliant on patron.

If memory serves (haven’t checked, and my memory is ridiculously unreliable) next week is the week when all the bonuses apply each day. That means getting patron is a priority for a lot of people who doesn’t usually get Patron Buy Trove Flux. The increase in price is more likely than not that more people are buying, getting the more commonly priced passes and opening up to the more expensive passes.

It’s pretty much all a question of supply and demand. Once next week is over and done with, the price will probably level out, back at its usual price range.

The price is high now but wait till the PTS patch hits Live. With the amount of flux that will be flowing into the market the prices will inevitably soar. A single user with 8 alts in U9 can get 120k per dragon kill which is not an impossible feat. If you are having trouble getting the amount needed for a pass now it will become much harder soon.

There is also no possible way they will add patron passes themselves. This is their one good item in the store as everything else is so overpriced that you would need to be a blind idiot to buy. Giving away the one thing you are selling reliably (because it is required for play) is the worst business idea since recycled toilet paper.

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Trove: Mining is increased with bombs or lasermancy

Mining is increased with bombs or lasermancy. Both don’t have diminishing returns when increased. When you acquire an ore, the amount isn’t rolled to see how much you’ll get. It’s pretty static.

Farming objectives for gear drops is increased with gear power and magic find. Gear power to kill faster, magic find to attempt to proc higher tiers. Gear power like bombs/lasermancy is pretty direct in it’s effect. Magic find is not. Magic find has diminishing returns, the more you get the lest each point increases it. Magic find works by rolls, if successful it rolls again, and again, and so on until it hits cap (Stellars). Each roll is independent of the last. And with the diminishing returns, you’ll never hit 100% chance.

So essentially you’re comparing a static method for income to one that can vary greatly based on rolls.

Then again, I pretty much knew you’d not be up for any real logic when you opened with statements to discount those that say “RNG”. It’s the nature of the beast that is RNG for your anecdotal testing.

There is no reason not to loot everything anymore now that we can click once to decon our inventory. The whole reason to Buy Trove Flux and choose before was because having to decon everything would take way too long. Now you can just hit your decon at the same time you go to refill potions. The only problem here is that people are unwilling to change what they are use to.

If you are picking up only shadow items, it takes a second to have to check, point and click to loot it before moving on. This adds up over a period of Trove Flux for sale while farming and is much much slower than having to hit up a decon for a second to unload your inventory.

Secondly, you are missing out on a ton of materials and flux from all the items you would be looting. Legendary items add up when you go through 1000s of them people!

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Albion Online: I don’t mind going out a few maps to gather

I am on your side Matrix. This guy, seriously? Seriously! I really don’t appreciate some ideas he had said. Especially I saw him posting the thread crying for FAST TRAVEL. That’s really unacceptable. What a ruining idea to crash the local market. I don’t understand why these people want FAST TRAVEL and crying for reducing the size of the albion online silver farming. I even want Albion world more wider form now so every guild could have a chance to play sandbox and making more local political powers. Come on, guys, this is not a regular MMORPG you’ve played as WOW, this is a sandbox game. You need a big and wide map which letting players establish the local power and market. That’s the thing make Albion a great game!
Can someone explain to me the reasoning behind adding regular fast-travel into the game?

As of right now, it’s not hard to run to a different green city. It’s probably 5 maps or so away. But adding fast travel will not only ruin the local economy, but it will dull the aim of the devs when they redid the maps to hold certain Albion Online Gold instead of all. If my city is surrounded by plains, then we have an abundance of leather. If I caravan to a city surrounded by mountains, then I can sell my leather there, and buy stone/ore to take back to my main city.

Personally, I don’t mind going out a few maps to gather. Lazy players tend to not go that far, which leaves most resource nodes full. If a red finds me undefended and overloaded, good for him. It was my fault in the first place for being overloaded, and for not having protection with me.

As for the black zone maps, I am glad they expanded the world. If your guild really wanted to do well in black zones, then gather t2 materials in the green city, and make a run with guild members defending you to find albion online gold shop. If you don’t have any gatherers, contact a local green gatherer and offer your guilds protection (walking through black zones) for the payment of 50% of the load of t2 they were carrying. I was the green gatherer yesterday, and I hired a mercenary guild to defend me for 65% of my load (they were going to defend me going to and back).

There is a strategy (and consequences) to this game now. Either with the pathing you take, or the shady things you do to keep someone from hearing your mount. Last beta, zergs would wait outside a red city and kill everyone, without any consequences. Now, they have to watch that their fame doesn’t cross a certain negative threshold, which allows for strategic decisions on their part.

Please, if you see any negatives in my way of thinking, let me know. I would like to be more knowledgable of the pros and cons of the current state of the game.

I do understand that there will be a fee associated with fast green-zone travel, but then that would add to the whole “P2W” arguement fire going on currently.

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Albion Online: The most sensible write-up

What you say is the best solution, removing LP. But, as I said on another comment, LP is how the devs will make money. They wont remove their money making machine. And they won’t care if they lose players, cause the large guilds are enough to sustain the devs (large guilds waste a lot of money, most hardcore players will probabily buy a sub for every character).

I just sugested a solution that could be more probable for the devs to implement. Not the best albion online silver store. Devs won’t always implement the bests sugestions on purpose.I just made a post in another thread about why SBI will not remove Alts. You all offer this as a solution, but you don’t consider what the product vendor will lose:
How to fix LP, Alts, and Islands.

Thomas9 has the most sensible write-up, with #3, but what could that be? Hah, that’s the basis of why they do everything and what got them started. Perhaps their investors will enjoy hearing that the entire business model they bought into is now changing.I thought I heard that the reason they added alternate characters on accounts was players requested it.

I think Albion will make plenty of Albion Online Silver as long as they keep people playing. Making a good game that works, and retains players for a long time, will make more money than a short-term bot-farm game.

Just try guys think this through. If ALTs and LP’s would be removed. Why to even buy second account? You are saying it like if alts are removed, people just buy more accounts. Omg what kind of generalizing is that. Some players might still buy multiple accounts, but they can only get benefit from islands farming. And if these some players are willing to do so, then let them do. It is so less of people if you compare the current number of alts we have for christ sake.

Just imagine how much better the actual game would be, when everybody are just focusing on one character. Now everybody would really matter. Guilds can still centralize their Albion Online Gold, but now those professions can be divided between players which all are real players. There is now real master of different professions and inviduals can be as competitive as they can be when comparing to guilds.

But i am interested to hear, where we actually need alts? From player point of view.

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