Please make open world more fun in Albion

1. Since the game is full loot and items do trash on rng base . If you lower the fame gained from killing a player and the fame goes towards your progression of armor and weapon you equip would be a very good way to encourage open world pvp and will for sure give it a great boost .

2. Please lower guild max number to 100 and alliance size to 300 .Which would also lower zerg fest and encourage more open world pvp .

3. You really need to fix the pay to win aspect which is killing the game right now .
a. Remove the transmutor from the game .

b. Double to food cost or Albion Online Silver + food for each territory you own . Which scales up as you gain more territories, the more territories you own the higher it would costs you to upkeep them (will also help in silver drain ).

c. 10% silver drain on each building which goes towards the system (which will also be like a small tax on plots you own in cities and guild territories) since you want silver drain . which would give you higher silver drain from the economy then transmutor usage overall.

d. Please increase the spawn rate on nodes . You basically are killing the market making it so expensive for normal players to Buy Albion Online Gold from auction house. Since you have lowered the silver drop from npcs and mobs the ratio of a death vs the amount of silver you can make is very bad atm .

e. Dont force everyone to be a gatherer in the game . If everyone is forced to gather . The pure gatherer will die out eventually .

4. Add a feature which shows the time a person last seen online for easier guild management .

Please keep the game SIMPLE instead of refining the game and getting rid of bugs. you are focusing too much adding new mechanics before final beta .

Please dont make the game too grindy . If you look at the majority of the player base they work / school or have families the game should be less grindy and more fun . if a person who gets 4 hours of play should be able to have Albion Online Powerleveling as much fun as a player who plays 10 hours a day .You cannot expect people to grind like they did in eve now .People play a game for fun not like a full time job .

These are my personal suggestion few may like them , few may hate them so dont troll please add somthing which can make the game better than being salty.

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Albion Online’s map is covered

While I don’t mind these changes myself (too new to notice much), I do believe the game world needs help which would make travel and the game overall a lot more enjoyable.

-Zones are too small which causes more loading which loses a sense of immersion in the game. There is also WAY too many zones. It was a huge mistake to make this game world bigger.

DAOC had a lot of things that made travel much less of a hassle: WASD,speed classes (required for most roaming), auto-taxi horses, /follow,smaller/cleaner world layout, could autorun from albion online silver farming rather easily. without having to navigate. gaps/cliffs/dead ends that AO’s map is covered in, etc.

-My original point was at the start of DAOC there was almost no group speed and the world was HUGE and took hours to get around and yet no one complained. Long travel times are not necessarily a bad thing. The key thing here you talk about is you could afk while traveling. Following or being on a horse let you go take a piss or grab something to eat. The way this game is made these things are impossible and force you to either log out or afk in dangerous areas.

For me it’s just the compounding of issues: click to move, slow speed,have to follow the road or navigate maze world with less than amazing maps, and everything so spread out with little in between.

I get what they are trying to do with the overall map, but it needs more than a bandaid.

-I don’t mind the crappy graphics. I don’t mind the boring map. The critical thing is the map is too big and there is no longer PVP. The band aid comment I made was more AO Silver to do with making traveling faster which to me was a very minor issue compared to the more serious concerns happening with the game right now. SI “fixing” the traveling speed so quickly was just a complete surrender to the forum whiners. This will enable these whiners to cry louder and get more stupid shit put in the game.

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Albion Online: Your idea with checkpoints is also cool

I love the idea of treasure hunter and have mentioned it before in passing in other threads.

I like to use the UO (ultima online) analogy where the maps were very rarely drops from mobs, but actually came more often from a really mundane skill of fishing. This made fishing a bit more profitable on the off chance that you got a nice map to sell, or go and try to complete yourself.

I had actually made a dedicated treasure hunter in UO and it was quite profitable, and a really fun way of being a casual & solo player because it takes you to places that are not usual HUBS/CENTERS of attention in dangerous zones – such as dungeons for example. Problem with AO Gold being the bottleneck entrances to and from zones rather than being able to access zones in different methods you are completely limited to walking through a gated entrance chokepoint that can quite easily be used to camp you in or out of zones.

Nice man great ideas really. I especially love the idea of prisons! It would be sweet if there were actual large prisons that had communities inside. Being careful to make many routes for getting back out….working the time off…..getting hired out by the royals……breaking out….getting broken out…etc. Whole new avenues of trade open up. most interesting stuff here.

I think the tast requirements are overthinking this otherwise beautiful idea. Just put out checkpoints on 4-6 places (randomly) on the map, and once all have been visited reveal the albion online gold for sale location. Not everyone can craft X T6 bows, nor would they want to leave the zone to go find an auctioner, or go into a dungeon and not kill things. If you have a map and want to find treause, what you want to do is *look* for it.

I see your point. What I was thinking when creating it it was:

Cooperating with other people if you can’t do it yourself (guild, friends) since task could be done by anyone who is holding the map
Progression without thinking only about grind
Event rarity + difficulty opens way for a good reward inside the chest and we have to agree, reward is what makes treasure hunts somehow special and exciting. There would be stories how someone got a cool item before.

Your idea with checkpoints is also cool, it could be like map scraps in different locations, but there is a big problem that people hate already: running simulator, and just going between checkpoints without doing anything I think would make it even worse.

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I think creating a fair in Albion Online

I like a lot of your ideas here, in particular the price trackers and right click options.

In response to the Crime part you have here I made a detailed post way back in alpha (actually similar to what they have implemented in some ways) which you can read here and maybe use some of those albion online gold shop to flesh out your idea here. (the part about reputation and crime is down toward the bottom of the post under the subtitle Changes to the PvP system for “Criminals”)

1 .to your right click, as its already working as a quick equip and a move only function on the playfield, i would suggest to add a contect menu or as comon in tablet games this action cycle when holding left for a while instead of just clicking. That wouldn’t break any current controls, just add the functionality that you want.

2. a simple price tracking without any limitations would just make the whole market way to transparent and in no time, all price everywhere would be the same. U would take away that feeling if you find one item noone thought about where you can make a huge profit. Its like showing all the minable Albion Online Gold directly on the minimap when you enter a zone. I mean in this case, they could also just easily make it one global market or add the items from the other market places to the one you are browsing just wih a delivery fee, depending on the distance and the risk of travel. So if i am in Kingsmarket and an item is 100 here but in queensmarket its for 50 and 20 delivery cost, i could order it from there and save 30 but again it would take away the trading and logisik aspect of the game.

But I agree, that the current Auction House UI definitely needs and overhaul. With this filter right now its just more than annoying.

3. I also think that the crime system could add up to some more content. I think adding a bounty on someones head should be only be possible by the victims, so if you get killed by someone you can put Albion Online Silver on his head. Tracking function, not that good I think, I understad you want to add the “profession” of bounty hunting, but it would also be easily exploitable. take one huge pvp guild, one plays bait kills some ppl, they add some nice bounty, some bountyhunters buy the maps see where they were last seen. the bait ofc doesn’t move and they just wait there with 100 men and just kill everybody coming there and loot you. I think such a system would actually benefit more the “bad” guys than the “good”.

I think creating a fair and enjoyable reputation and crime system with the current game mechanics is maybe even impossible.

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Blade And Soul is almost completely ruined…

I know there’s already topics on bots but I want to cover more than just one area off why this is going to kill the game within weeks (mark my words)…

First PVE, if you plan on queing up in the cross server dungeons good luck 3 out of 6 are usually bots and the time it takes to keep reforming the groups is a waste of a lot of time. Also the market has completely went to shit because of them soulstones are almost free now, recipe drops, skill books, and other various items such as pots, food and other drops are also practically free. SOO if you want to make any money you have to craft and hope to god yyou get a proc otherwise your just another broke player taking it up somewhere were the sun don’t shine for bots sake..

Second PVP, were should I start… This season is already completely ruined in my opinion and I’m sure others as well. The bots completely run 3v3 and 1v1. 3v3 good luck queing to get your dailies done without getting bots on ur team for the perfect loss… 1v1 completely covered in bot up into diamond now due to a summoner hack of perma stealth and resist (fun!!). Yes I can get past the bots and am sitting at rank 46 in my class. That has nothing to do with it. It shouldn’t be like this, ok I can beat destroyer bots now I’m in plat yay! and second once you get past that you will get perma stealth summoners with gl beating if ur melee (not sure if possible at his point). Not to mention for true pvp players if they intend to get any money to get there stuff up to farm hongmoon weapons and skills they will be stuck doing hours of dailies to get that blade and soul gold now instead of doing what they like to do (pvp), because soulstones are worth absolutely nothing now…

All this is sad considering it should be the top priority of ncsoft before there beloved game is ruined and all the notable players have left. Maybe instead of trying to release stuff so fast or redoing there website they should fix the problems that will end there game first… Not to mention the flood of glitches they still need to fix as well… If your team cant fix the problem Ncsoft , then maybe hire outside… I’m sure someone from blizzard or Trion can show you how to fix bot problems. Sad that its even taken this long for something to actually be seen and improved in game
Forgot one thing too. The endless friend request from bots even though there blocked is a great pop up throughout the day as well and the endless spam in chat too. Ive already turned off all channels in chat due to it… Sad I cant enjoy what this game has to offer.

You are obviously in denial and don’t want to think your perfect game is not perfect anymore… I can tell the difference between a bot and a baddie and actually I don’t rage towards baddies one bit (there learning) however a bot is another disease and is currently highly infected in blade and soul NA. Try pvp and tell me buy bns gold its not entirely of bots tell pretty much diamond … and in 3’s. and yes pve cross servers are full of them too not to mention the mass bots guilds in the world pvp end game zone who all tele in and kill off the elite npc’s.

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Understand the Star MapleStory World chairs

I still have all the untradeable Star World Chairs on me. I recall a lot of people asking that at some point they be made Movement in Account, but nothing came about. I understand the Star World chairs weren’t Movement in Account originally to avoid exploiting for the final chair, but since the event is long over, I think its time we were able to put them away. People tell me I should just toss them, but I spent far too long trying to get them all to waste Cheap MapleStory Mesos
them like that. They are eating a ton of my space. I, too, have max Set-Up slots and a Twelve-Slot Chair Bag, but I’m about a line or two from the inventory’s cap. I could store about 8-10 chairs on other characters, but most of the chairs I can actually move I’d rather keep.

If anything, I wish more chairs were Movement in Account. There are some chairs I want to keep, but don’t want on my main character as much as others. The Planet chairs were Movement in Account, and I was able to store them on another character to save space. I wish more chairs were like this.

On the point of more inventory space for chairs and equipment: I can understand if adding storage space per player means each player takes up more data on the servers. Implementing a new type of storage is a big decision when you want everything to work right, access right, etc. But it would help, considering how many items are Untradeable nowadays. You can’t just keep tossing valuables for space, when we’re given so many valuables. this needs to be helped , im a big chair collector , my inventory is maxed and i run out on space cuz of all the events untradeable chairs , dont get me wrong , i love them but it be nice to move them , if you guys dont want us to sell them or whatever , let us at least trade it between characters of the same MS Mesos account , i would love to have all my favorite chairs in my main , but i cant , cuz i need to constantly send my chairs that are tradeable to my other character causes im out of space , i love all the chairs you guys come up with , so im always getting more n more xD , but please help us with this issue , we either need more space or at least be able to move them

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Finish the item collecting MapleStory quests

If Nexon telling us with signs sitting in front of a computer is hzzardous then it’s clear, they have no sense of real-life balance nor the expectation that they really care about our health if this was the case.

It’s okay thought I guess I expect too much from Nexon these days.I don’t know what to say to you guys. I could be a real jerk and just say the quest asked for 15 PQ, no more and no less, why would you do more? Why weren’t you keeping track of it with the Ludi PQ count? How come you are not using lucky winter and/or 2x event to finish the item collecting quests? Those could have took 1 day each. Why is it Santa mission is dcing with you? Are you sure it’s not the bad weather going on over there?:/

Maybe because people don’t read forum a lot until something happen to them and that’s when they go to the forum…Imo I like to surf around just to keep an eye out for possible Cheap MapleStory Mesos
glitches and bugs so i can inform my friends to avoid this kind of situation, friend and I were able to finish the entire Sizzling Santa Questlines safe and smooth.

Anywho to people who had their stuff glitched, hope they give the event an extend, otherwise good luck and no worries, the reward is just funzies.Well, I wasn’t able to find someone to complete 15 consecutive PQ’s with me, and my second partner who was also doing Sizzling Santa needed 2-3 more to finish. Problem wasn’t openly known then, and why turn it in right away when I could just do 2-3 real quick and save us both some time.

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