FIFAUTeam – You were in many amazing cities around the world like Paris

FIFAUTeam – You were in many amazing cities around the world like Paris, New York and Las Vegas, just to play FIFA. But this time you got the full package: you have played football on the Copacabana beach, have visited Christ The Redeemer, have watched a world cup match, have played the finals at Sugarloaf Mountain and have met the Brazilian Ronaldo. How can this get any better in the future ?
David Bytheway – It’s hard to improve on an experience like we had in Rio. It had it all. I remember speaking to a friend of mine a couple of years ago and we were discussing the world cup. We were saying how unlikely it is that we’ll get to go to a world cup in the next 20 years because of the locations. Just 2 years after the conversation, we were in the Maracana watching the yet to be crowned champions beat France 1-0.

FUT 15 Coins Team – You were in Maracana, watching the World Champions Germany against France. What was wrong with your team England in this World Cup ? Bad luck ? Difficult group ? Not enough quality ? Too much pressure ?
David Bytheway – England are not good enough, its just that simple. We haven’t produced enough top quality players compared to other countries and I think going out at the group stage is what we deserved. The pressure on England is always high but this year I think its the lowest it’s been in a while and even then they didn’t perform.

FIFAUTeam – This year’s FIFA introduced a system where two players could not use the same team. Before the tournament you had to select the two teams, in order of preference. Brazil is in your opinion the best team in FIFA World Cup video game, but you picked Germany as your first option because most of gamers wouldn’t do it. It was a smart move to avoid you to have to switch teams during the tournament. Do you use any other tricks to get slight advantages when you play ? How much important is intelligence in this game ?
David Bytheway – I thought it would be a smart trick but it seems I wasn’t the only one who thought of it. I don’t tend to use any other tricks to get an advantage, I like to think my ability gives me enough of an advantage and that’s all I need. In most tournaments there’s not really a lot you can do in terms of team choice. We see Madrid vs Madrid a lot and in that situation. It’s just down to who has the luck on that day.

FIFAUTeam – We know that you believe in quality over quantity in terms of who you play. But playing 5 to 8 games per week against other top class opponents as FIWC training seems not enough to most of FIFA enthusiasts. Why not play 50 games per week against top quality players ?
David Bytheway – When two top players play each other, the game is often decided by a stupid moment of luck which is infuriating for the loser as most of the time it’s something out of their control that decides the game. It’s also down to time difference and when both players can be on at the same time. We don’t tend have a wide variety of players who we play, just 2 or 3. So most of the time it isn’t down to choice, it’s simply down to when we can play. Playing 50 games is possible but really isn’t needed. Once you get used a FIFA title, it’s mainly down to staying sharp and finding little things that work better for you. All that can be done in 5-8 games against a top player.

FIFAUTeam – The place with the most FIFA players in the world is the UK. In your opinion, why there are so few well successful professional players in UK ?
David Bytheway – I think that the UK has the best FIFA players out of any other country. The reason why I think we don’t have that many is because of games like call of duty. We might have a lot of players but most of them switch between games like that and perhaps get good at both but not great at one.

FIFAUTeam – According to you, Cheap FIFA 15 Coins isn’t always about how good you are at the game. It also requires a strong mentality. Knowing how to handle the pressure, not letting your emotions have an effect on the game and right decisions making seems to be more important to you than the players’ skills. Do you think that most of players overlook the importance of mental strength ? It can make the difference even between amateur players ?
David Bytheway – Mental strength is definitely greatly overlooked. Bruce Grannec is a great example of this. On pure ability, I don’t think he’s ever been the best (he’s still great) but I think there have been players at FIWC tournaments who have perhaps had the edge on him in pure ability. However, he has the whole package. He is emotionless and incredibly strong mentally which separates him from the rest. The pressure that you feel is extreme and coping with it as well as trying to play your best is extremely hard. Even between 2 average players, it will make the difference.

FIFAUTeam – Most of the tournaments were played in Playstation 3. When do you plan to go to Playstation 4 ?
David Bytheway – I have had my PS4 since about April but didn’t play it because of FIWC being on the ps3. Now FIWC is over, I’m going to start playing it.

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