Pass Patrol looking for a CB, FBS and a GK (FIFA 15 PS4)

Yo lads,

We are currently looking to.recruit a couple of cbs, lb rb n a gk
We are looking for active n loyal players to join our growing squad

Abit about us Pass Patrol, our aim is to compete in the fvpa leagues n cups in the near future,

We have a core of 10 11 good lads atm, we all have good 11 man exp n have played for various fvpa teams,

Our playing times are varied we want it to be quite laid back n we can play whenever we have a minimum number of 5 6 on, but we are very active in the evenings

Our style, we like to play the pass n move game, in a way possession, but even more just simple pass n move n 1 2 s n getting into space for each other, n that way breaking down their defence with nice quick passing n smart movement, we have 2 great anys who with even small numbers can play this style effectively, we don’t want any hit n hope style or dribbling like headless chickens n constant sprinting about,

We do communicate through FIFA 15 Coins Skype so it will help if u have if not we can work around it,

We are willing to try anyone out,, but would be helpful if u can play a seconday pos, we have already got a great set of versitile lads.
If interested, contact us on psn or Skype.

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