Input Lag FIFA 15 Problem – even OFFLINE

Lately I’ve had an issue with online FUT games where there is a noticeable amount of input delay/lag between me pressing something or moving the stick and the action happening.

Only a half second longer than usual, but enough to make you really feel a difference. Essentially it feels like your players are moving/turning through gravy

Now….I’d initially assumed that this was down to constantly being matched up with people in countries hundreds of miles away like Spain/Portugal/Greece resulting in much higher than desireable ping, in conjunction with the (less than reliable!) EA servers, however tonight just to rule out other issues, I played a “kick off” game against the CPU from the main FIFA menu.

And even there, I get the exact same thing. So it’s absolutely nothing to do whatsoever with my internet connection or the connection of the person I’m playing.

It’s a really hard sensation to describe without playing it yourself, but I’m guessing this isn’t like this for everyone? If you go and play a kick off game against the CPU, is everything super fluid and smooth?

When I take a player and turn them from one direction to another, the movement is really laboured and sluggish.

The only other thought I’ve had is something to do with my Xbox controller? It’s definitely not input lag on the TV, I have game mode enabled and have also tested on a Cheap FIFA 15 Coins PC monitor and it’s exactly the same.

Any tips appreciated.

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