It’s pathetic fifa 15

Ok… a bit of whinge here but read on.

I can’t play FUT as EA has screwed my account for the last 2 months+ so I’m playing online seasons. This is fine(ish) as I like to swap my teams around and play teams I’ve never considered before.

That said, I’m now Buy FIFA 15 Coins play as Man City (don’t groan, I don’t do Real or Barca) and it’s 3-3 in the first half v Chelsea. He kicks off, one touch to Schurrle and he shoots within the circle. Straight in. Hart’s on holiday. It’s now the 45th minute so I kick off and I get a free kick which I over power but it bulges the back of the net to make it 4-4 at ht.

WTF is this? I accept this isn’t a footy simulation game and actually enjoy some of the arcade bits of it all but I feel I had no control of the result (which ended 5-5 after his last kick of the game goal).

I see a fair few posts from folks here saying the game isn’t enjoyable anymore and my last match made me think the same. I don’t mind close games, losing, winning or whatever but at least let me feel I have some input to the outcome of the game as I know I certainly don’t as things stand.

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