Pack Only FIFA 15 Project

This is the story of my Pack Only Project, the only rule is that I can only use players I have pulled from packs, and I will only do premium gold 7.5k packs. No players can be bought from the transfer market, only consumables if absolutely necessary.

I did this before on the same account but it got a little stale, so I wanted to start fresh and document my progress. And the fact that its Futmas means extra daily gifts so what better time to start? Shout out to El Shaarawy who is doing his own project similar to this and has a thread in the forums, it gave me the inspiration to start over.

So I deleted my club more than once which meant I lost out on the free un-tradeable futmas pack… and also my 500 start up coin and my all player bronze pack… Whoops.

Anyways, I ended up with a team with 3 non rare gold players all from Serie A – including 5 star skilled Fetfatzidis! A nice pull. The rest are a bunch of nobodies although I did get an 80 pace bronze striker. This is the best team I could come up with:

2 and a half star with 56 chem! Really need to get me a gold Striker and Keeper asap.

I got 250 coins in the daily gift but still a long way off my first FIFA 15 Coins pack.


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