Commentary is dreadful at FIFA 15 times

At lot of people rightly criticize the stale and limited commentary of PES and praise the commentary of FIFA 15 Coins, but after more than one play with any team and for many many situations when playing with any team the Tyler and and Smith commentary is simply dreadful. Every time I play with or against Barca it is the same story of the final AM game and the same wrap up. How can you have a commentary system that repeats over and over?

I played a kick of game with West Ham that had lines about Stuart Downing right out of an old Monty Python number.

Stuart Downing he’s in great form..

I score with Downing… (no mention of Downing)

Stuart Downing he’s been given a red card (he hadn’t even fouled)

Stuart Downing is coming off he’s been poor (not Subbed)

Half time

Stuart Downing is coming off he’s been great (not subbed)

Also Tyler mentioned the new signing of Estaban Cambiaso. Never mind that it’s a December game.
Really EA stick to team and player names keep it simple, you just don’t have good enough commentary coding to make it anything but annoying after a couple listens.

Also please delete the opening lines were Alan Smith talks about getting treble your money in a first team contract I’ve heard that dreck a thousand times now.

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