If De fifa 15 Gea

I was planning to build a team with SIF De Gea when the market crashes.

But this is the first fifa I play seriously and not just buy some good players make a sweaty hybrid and play divisions.
But when I buy SIF De Gea and he gets an Winter Upgrade his Informs will get upgraded aswell. So I have 3 question I want to ask

1.So SIF De Gea is a good investment right?

2.Another question when it`s time to buy it?

3. I have 550k atm maybe 600-650 when its January , can some one make me a SIF De Gea squad wich I can buy in the Market crash? I like playing 4-3-2-1 , 4-3-3 false nine , or 5-2-2-1

Hope I didn`t ask too much

Him and if Sanchez are worth investment.
I got one of each mostly for the upgrade as they will be the best gk and striker on bpl after upgrading.

De gea(after upgrade)
93 diving, 94 reflex, 84 handling, 85 FIFA 15 Coins PC position.


92 dribbling
88 shooting
79 passing
70 physical

Upgraded Sanchez if will double in price same with DDG

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