Question For People Who Downloaded FIFA 15 For PS4. Please Read/Help

Do any of the players you edited in any way, sock height, wrist bands, long sleeve shirts, boots etc… in your Career Mode automatically revert to short sleeve shirts on December 1st in your Career Mode calendar? Then on March 1st in the CM calendar automatically go back to the long sleeves you put them in?

I bought the disk. If I edit what a player wears in anyway at all that player will automatically revert back to short sleeves on December 1st of the CM calendar. Then back to the long sleeves I put him in on March 1st. It is very annoying. I have talked to EA several times and there still hasn’t been any fix. It’s possible that this cannot be fixed for people with the disk.

However, if you have the downloaded version it should be very easy to fix FIFA 15 Coins the code to correct this. If you have any information please share. Or, if you can test this I would be extremely grateful.

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