Is it possible to be worse at defending since the new FIFA 15 patch?

I have lost most of my games since the patch. Even when I win, it just isn’t fun. It’s more just frustration than fun to be honest. Before the patch, my opponent would rarely get near my goal. I was excellent at defending. Now, I am so bad. I was in Division 1 before the patch, now I am in Division … 6.

Sad really how they can break what was a great game.

Struggling to find FIFA Coins a formation that will work for me, struggling to find the energy to play this broken game.

Before the patch, I felt like there was a “skill gap”. If I felt I was a better player than my opponent then most of the time I would beat him and have a lot of fun. Now, I feel that it is just pick up and play for most and it is defo a lot easier to abuse the game mechanics. Before the patch, I used to own Ibarbo when I used to come up against him. Now he KILLS me. EVERYTIME.

I come on here everyday hoping that EA will revert this patch and give me back the game I loved. I’m starting to think I am stuck with this monstrosity we call a footy game …

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