FIFA 15 Xbox One – Players Wanted

Me and my friend have decided to start playing pro clubs and in total have been playing in the same club for around 3+ years now however one of our team mates we lost who’s been with us several years and he’s moved over to the fifa 15 coins PS4.

I’m looking for two players, I’m not interested in the ratings. I just like to have constant bunch of players who can play regular. We was once a division 1 team back in FIFA 12 and 13. In 14 we took a break but we’re looking to get things going again.

Generally pass quite a lot, no one hogs the ball up. If you’re interested either reply to this thread to send me a message on live. Message me Micky with 11 y’s! Mickyyyyyyyyyy! Long winded I know, sorry.

Hopefully see some of you soon! Preferably we’re looking for a CM and a winger/*.


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