Reason why people hate post-FIFA 15 atch

It takes no skill defending post patch..

What EA did was make defending assisted and they changed the weight of the pass which makes the ball slower when ground passing making it easier to make mistakes.
So if you hold Contain your defender will dart out full sprint at thenattacker and auto tackle for the ball.. Now if the attacker doesn’t have quick passing options and can’t think on his feet the defender wins. When you do have passing options sometimes you make a bad pass due to EA messing up passes.

They said they improved defender positioning and improved lobbed balls. KEY word. Improved. They improved lob balls? But why?

Anyways if you don’t believe me and think it takes skill to defend post patch. Go into a game. When you are playing and defending. Select your striker and look how the AI defends for you and there is your proof there is no skill is post patch defending.

Go into a game and dont control any of your defenders and see what happens. If your opponent is half decent you will lose fifa 15 coins by big marings bud therefore, I dont agree with the defending + passing is just fine as long as you pass to the direction that your player is facing.

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