How to make FIFA items disappear and lose your coins in 4 easy steps

The below disappearing trick only works on the phone app as far as I’m aware but I haven’t tried it on console or web app***

Step 1: Buy 2 of the exact same card that you do not already have in your club on open bid. Any 150 coin player will work.
Step 2: Store 1 of the 2 players in your club
Step 3: List the stored player on the transfer list
Step 4: Go to the 2nd player in transfer targets and select ‘Swap with club’. An error message will be shown saying ‘Cannot move item – This item cannot be moved because it no longer exists’ and your player will have dissapeared.

If you can spare 150 coins go try it now! It’s a 100% reproducible glitch!

Why would you ever do this!? Well obviously you wouldn’t intentionally do it but I have now made this mistake twice on expensive cards and many times on 150/200 coin cards. (I should not trade whilst tired!) Once was on an IF Glen Johnson which was a 15k or so loss so I let it slide. This time though it was an IF Vidal that I paid 250k for!!!

If I raise a case with EA do you think I will be given my fifa coins or players back?

The same glitch also used to happen last year. I never raised a case but was randomly allocated loads of cards late on in the game that I had been trading w

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