HYBRID review (pic) – with IF, gold/silver/bronze and hidden FIFA 15 gems

I build this team around christmas and it’s fifa 15 coins playing so good, that I thought and wanted to share it…

GK: Sirigu: Perfect goalkeeper.. One the best I’ve tried. Always in th eright place and got great reflexes if an strinker gets through. Rating: 8/10

LB: Nacho: does the job. Got good pace to follow all the Walcotts I meet. got decent strenght and defence for a silver card. Rating: 6/10

CB: Chiellini: No need to mention him. Outstanding! The best defender I’ve played with. Timing in heading is perfect. Nobody outruns or outstrenghtens him and he has got perfect defending stats. Rating 10/10

CB: Barzagli: Chiellini was perfect and Barzagli is a great partner for him. Not near as good, but decent. He has also the same allround defender card. Rating: 7/10

RB: Dalsgaard: Put him into the squad to fit Sisto in, but man did he not let me down. I thought the bronzestats would get bullied, but no way. Dalsgaard is 192cm and with 72 strengh and 86 pace = stay LW. He just did what a RB have to do. He knocked so many balls of my opponent (he always though it would be easier down that wing, when he saw a bronze RB). Rating: 9/10

CDM: De Rossi: Like in previous fifa’s he is a beast. He sweapes the area in front of my defenders. Not pacy, but always in the right spot. Rating: 8/10

CM: IF Benat: Lets start with the positive. He has amazing shooting stats. Rocket after rocket. Both in play and on freekicks. Amazing and worth every penny. He passing is also one of the best i’ve tried. every passing long, short or deepthrough is on target. He is very good. He was an amazing playing when I just distributed the balls with him. I found it difficult to create space around him to shoot. I think he would be even better in CAM. Rating: 8/10

CM: Krohn-Dehli: Look at that card. It looks like cra p.. I only played with Korhn-Dehli because of the strong link to PP Hernandez. But that card is a gem. He is very good in CM. The lack of pace I did’* notice and he has amazing passing. Great playing. But if you are closing in on the box with this guy shoot as soon as you can. Inside the box he is useless, but got a rocket foot outside the box. Rating 7/10

LW: Jese Rodriguez: Star of the show. Tried Muniain first, but did not like him. Jese I like. Dont know what’s the difference, but Jese is amazing in LW. Most of my attacks were him setting the play. Decent pace and fantastic dribbling and combined with a double 4* he just slaloms his way through and scores. Finess shot trait is very usefull too.. I if the angel gets too sharp he just passes it on.. only letdown is his strenght. Rating 9/10

CF: Hernandez: This silver card got it all.. The physical stat are great. Decent strength, good height and amazing pace. He just bullies most defences both gold and silvers. When he is through I had no problem finishing with him. He almost always finds the back of the net. The height on him also makes it possible to makes it possible to cross it. The 4* skillmoves are very usefull too.. Rating 8/10

RW: Pione Sisto: I wanted to try him out.. He is a future star in the danish league. Only 19 and won the player of the year. Best dribler in the danish league and a good finisher IRL. I was a bit sceptic about trying him out, as he card only has a 66 rating, but he did not let me down. He do nok have enough pace to run from defenders, but he sure can dribble. 4* skillmoves and he is gone.. Also his shooting stats and strength stats are lying. He is such a good finisher in the box, amazing for a 66 rated fifa coins player. And I dont know if it is because he is small, but he just gets infront of defender all the time. The best thing about Pione Sisto is that he seems to make the best runs all the time. He is always in the right place to catch the low deepthrough balls and he surprisingly scored me some header because of him being in the right place. He is surely a hidden silver gem. Rating 8/10

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