How do I study FIFA good?

I don’t understand how I get such low grades when I spend over 4-6 hours training infront of a test yet always some how tend to get E-B on them.

B doesn’t happen often unless its an english test or a swedish test, E doesn’t happen often either unless its maths or picture.

I am tbh (not trying to brag or sound like a *) by far the smartest guy in my class that has the most common sense.

I know that was in WW2 and not WW1 which my classmates thought and loads of other things that should be obvious yet they somehow don’t know it.

I just don’t know how to study good I guess since I always forget something on a test even though I’ve studied during day and night

Now my cheap fifa 15 coins grades aren’t that bad that I won’t get into another school but they are pretty schocking.

So does anyone have any tips for me?

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