FIFA 15 Club looking for ANY and/or Goalkeeper

Hey guys, me and a friend are looking to start a club and build up a good cheap fifa 15 coins record, recently we’ve just been playing for anyone but have decided to start playing on our own. However I’ve been forced too move from GK to ANY in order to do this meaning we are now conceding to many goals.

We are looking for an ANY so that I can move back to my prefered position and start winning more games 4-0 oppossed to 4-3. We also are in the market for a Forward or CB, however we will not recruit for these positions until we have a regular ANY in place. Alternatively we would like GK so I can continue playing ANY, i’m decent enough just need more protection at the back.

We are expecting to challenge in division one as we are both very good players, so we would be looking for an ANY who can also play at that level, and can pass + cross instead of mindlessly bashing the skills stick. As ANY we will let you play your pro in any position you wish and we are also not too fussed about your choice of formations so long as we’re solid and not conceding a high amount of goals.

If you are interested please add me on fifa coins PS4, my PSN ID is Jehezekel.

Look forward to hearing from some of you,

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