FIFA 15 Leagues Vote: Turkish League Most Desired By 2 Million Fans In Survey, Full Top 10 Listed Here

EA’s FIFA coins series offers a fairly wide selections of teams and leagues to play with or manage, but players are continually looking for the developers to add more to the next game in the franchise.

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A survey posted by FIFPlay collecting fan votes on which leagues to add has been running since last October, tallying over two million votes in that time. The Turkish Süper Lig leads the way with more than 199,900 votes, so we may see it added to FIFA 15.

The Iranian Pro League is the next most-desired, somewhat surprisingly, following closely behind the Turkish league with 196,000 votes. Iran is a decent footballing country, with the national side making the 2014 World Cup, but the quality of the league isn’t on par with Turkey’s or most of the others.

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Still, with the majority of top-tier leagues already in the game, a lot of the voting is just a popularity contest (the Turkish league is probably the highest-quality competition left out). Here’s the top 10 most-voted-for:
1. Turkish League – 199,928 Votes
2. Iranian League – 196,375 Votes
3. Egyptian League – 174,877 Votes
4. German 3rd League – 125,999 Votes
5. Moroccan League – 123,075 Votes
6. Malaysian League – 92,234 Votes
7. Algerian League – 89,984 Votes
8. Ukrainian League – 81,102 Votes
9. Venezuelan League – 79,174 Votes
10. Hungarian League – 68,000 Votes

The inclusion of the German third division so high on the list says a lot about the quality of some of the smaller leagues, but I can agree that the series could use more of the lower leagues. FIFA’s selection of teams and leagues is decent, but far from the comprehensive roster seen in Football Manager. Taking a small club to the top is one of the biggest and most entertaining challenges, and it would be good to have more of that in EA’s cheap fifa 15 coins series.

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