Love for the BPL is so dumb in FUT 15

So I compared Tevez and Aguero and besides Workrates (Which are barely relevant anymore due to instructions, in some cases a H/H would help on a striker because of the pressure on the back line) and a few points in each stat, they are hardly different, it is even fair to say Tevez is better because of his strength. The biggest difference? Tevez is 14k while Aguero is almost 400k fifa coins….

Not complaining though, I’m happy with cheap Serie A players

Also I played a guy yesterday with Ronaldo, but he used a BPL team around Ronaldo (On 3 chem lol)

This is false aguero has better skills and weak foot but tevez is faster, stronger, better long shots, better stamina same finish and slight less dribbling.

Don’t judge cards of their card stats.

I have both in the same team as strikers and Tevez plays better for me

they’ve both almost the same stats by the way
Tevez is just stronger, more aggressive and has more stamina, while Agüero has 4/4
the rest is almost identical

I even like Tevez workrates they make him come back a bit and help me create chances
Tevez scored more goals for me at the moment
Agüero is amazing too, but gets lost quite a bit, because of his workrates buy fifa 15 coins

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