Do you realize how bad the extent of coin selling FIFA 15 actually is?

No wonder the market is so screwed up!

I just thought I would check on ebay how many lots of coins get sold on ebay to see how bad the issue is and no wonder why EA cant keep cheap fifa 15 coins up with it

over 100 thousand lots of 100k coins have been sold on ebay and that is just on page 1 of of 22 pages..

That is over 10 billion coins sold and that is just one page ! thats discounting the other 22 pages of them on ebay alone add in all of the websites that do it also that is just astounding!

Someone on here mentioned the other day that 1mil was about £20 I couldn’t believe it

In a way you want to blame the coin buyers because they are contributing to ruining the game, but on the flip side if prices are that low compared to FIFA points then you can’t blame them

If I had taken the money I spent on FIFA coins Points and bought coins at todays prices, I would have about 50 million coins. My highest rated pulls were some 87 rated players like LM Silva (15k at the time), Kompany (85k at the time) and an untradable Luis Suarez. Most coins i ever got for a player that I pulled was 150k for IF Nabil Fekir. Im sitting on 30k and a few IFs for the IF trading method, plus a few expensive NIFs (most valuable: Neymar) that i use in my teams. I feel * cheated.

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