The obsession with FIFA pace needs to go for good

since fifa 11 EA has been talking a lot about fifa coins being realistic and all that. except it hardly reflects 5% of how the game is actually played. with each edition it is becoming one dimensional towards pace & pace only. i realize the game has evolved in the last 5-7 years and the tempo is very high. but still in real life you don’t see all teams fielding 10 quick outfield players & then outpacing every team. no that’s not how real football is played.

it’s high time ea actually backup their claim.

next what is the issue with serie-a players? every edition they are overpowered for apparently no reason. do you read in the tabloids that top guns of europe namely chelsea, real, bayern, barca, united are all preparing for a heavy bid to lure ibarbo? NO. because ibarbo ain’t any good in real life but still in fifa he is treated god-like. then there is the case of higuain & tevez. there is a reason why tevez wasn’t selected for argentina in the world cup and that is because he ain’t that good anymore. the best team of serie-a, juventus, isn’t good enough to europa league and that should act as the benchmark of how poor the italian league is. yet ea has its own illogical reasons.

then there is the physical thing. you would think after adding this attribute to the fut card, players would be physically strong in the game; except they get easily knocked off with a slight brush with their opponents; what is even worse is that they lie on the ground for 5-10 mins of game time making it literally 10 players to play with.

And finally who does slide tackles these often in 2015? players perform the odd slides here and there in the game but not as frequently as ea wants us to do.

Oh and i totally forgot about the skill moves. Like seriously i would want to know a player doing 360 in real life and other shenanigans in a real game.

it seems buy fifa 15 coins has been about kids who like to run & run.

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