Need fix FIFA 15: Loan-deal expired – but player was NOT loaned

I experience a really weird bug lately. Everything is fine when I first start the game and load my career. I can play, make transfers, save the fifa coins game etc… But as soon as I load a saved game it starts.

1. My formations and tactics are set back to default.
2. When I simm a little further I am informed that the loan-deal of three of my players has expired and that they are back with their clubs – but none of them was a loan-player! I brought two of them in during my second season while the third was pre-signing arriving at the start of the third season. The whole thing started halfway through the third season. When the players leave I don’t get the wage budget back.

When this occurs I restart the game and load the same career again and everything is fine again. Then, again as soon as I load a save game, formations are back to default, loan-deals expire, always the same three players – no matter at what point of the season. I had hoped that maybe with the start of my fourth season it would be back to normal but it wasn’t.
So I basically have to restart the entire game if I want to go back to a previous saved game. And this annoys the hell out of me.

I have to mention that this only happens in one particular career, the other ones are fine. I also have an old save game of the same career that is fine, too. But this was two seasons ago and I really don’t want to do everything all over again.

So has anyone of you experienced the same behaviour? And more importantly: Does anyone know how to fix it ,i.e., rescue my save game?

PS: I play the game on fifa 15 coins PC

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