Has anyone fifa actually used 3-4-3 formation?

Granted I’ve only played like buy fifa coins ….7 games with it….I REALLY enjoy this formation. Here are a couple of reasons.

1. 4 mid-fielders, it’s a nice way to keep the ball moving and actually have someone to pass to.

2. 4 wingers. Do you know how easy it is for me to actually spread the field and make these high pressure/ high aggression noobs run all over the pitch like they have no sense? Very easy. I can spread the field out and really control the play

3. It can be really attacking and defending. I can literally have my STRK and 4 wingers push up while my cm’s stay back and provide with an outlet if I get too deep. And if I go really attacking, since the cpu plays defense for everyone now, when someone tries to counter attack me, they only have 1 strk up any way.

4. It’s a nice change of scenery. I think I was getting to complacent with 4312 and 3412. Having a nice switch up makes the game just a little bit more cheap fifa 15 coins fun.

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