FUT 15 TOTW 21 (WEEK 21)

The twenty first TOTW squad is very tempting as there’s a SIF Benzema, IF Ozil and Cabella as well as a whole team full of decent rare players. Remy Cabella got his first Newcastle United goal against Hull City buy fifa coins and played really well to get his 1st in-form of the season whilst Ozil run the show for Arsenal in their win over Aston Villa. You can check out the full starting eleven, subs bench and reserve squad below.

Starting Lineup (11)
GK: Iraizoz, Athletic Club de Bilbao – 78>80
CB: Ashley Williams, Swansea City – 79>80
RB: Maximiliano Pereira, SL Benfica – 77>79
RB: Diogo Figueiras, Sevilla FC – 75>77
CM(CAM): Rafinha, FC Barcelona – 78>80
RM(CAM): Rémy Cabella, Newcastle United – 79>80
CAM: Kevin De Bruyne, VfL Wolfsburg – 81>83
LW(CAM): Mesut ?zil, Arsenal – 86>87
ST: Karim Benzema, Real Madrid – 85>87
CF(RW): Jérémy Ménez, Milan – 78>81
ST: Fabio Quagliarella, Torino – 78>80

Substitutes Bench & Reserves
GK: Geoffrey Jourdren, Montpellier HSC – 74>74
LB: Jean Beausejour, Colo Colo – 70>73
RM(CM): Lawson D’Ath, Northampton Town – 59>64
ST: Robin Ramírez, Deportes Tolima(Deportivo Cali) – 67>71
ST: Julien Viale, AJ Auxerre – 64>64
ST: Nils Petersen, SC Freiburg(Werder Bremen) – 74>74
ST(RM): Jonathan Walters, Stoke City – 70>73

You’ll be able to acquire these players in packs from 6pm (UK time), on February 4th 2015 running up until until 5:30pm (UK time), on February 11th 2015. If you are low on coins then you can always choose to challenge this TOTW 21 squad from the main FUT hub and get up to 1000 coins with a victory depending on what difficulty level you have selected.

Tips Of The Week
If you get so lucky as to pack the SIF (second in-form) Benzema then we recommend that you sell it on as quickly as you possibly can. It should be at it’s highest value in the first few days upon release and the week after it’s no longer available in packs. We say this because he’s a terrific striker and is more than likely to get another IF whether that’ll be a standard TOTW card or a MOTM card we shall wait and see.

The point is that he most probably will and when or if that happens then your card is going to go down in value as it won’t be the best card on the market anymore. As for the rest of the players, we recommend that you sell them on in about two weeks time as their value should have increased by then. Check back next Wednesday to see who EA unveil for TOTW fifa 15 coins 22 and we’ll have all the info once again for you right here on the official site.

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