How does matchmaking work in this FIFA game anyway

Just want to see what are people’s general consensus on what criteria goes into matchmaking in this game beyond region (i.e. network quality)? Does it try to match people in similar division? Teams with similar ratings? People with similar win/loss fifa 15 coins pc ratio? Etc?

Got to div 2 for the first time and got renegated. A buddy of mine got this feeling that if he sticks to a crappy team he stops getting matched with crazy legend / full TOTY team. Not sure I agree with what he thinks. For me I spent the entire weekend battling against Sturridges teams. 8/10 games had Sturridge in it. @.@ (I suck at defending and still can’t seem to stop him from zigzagging through my entire defense. Sigh.) Frankly the other two teams where I fought against a bunch of TOTY players with no Sturridge is already the easier games. But I do notice I get seem to win more with my fitness team than my loaded main team (which has a bunch of pricey fifa coins xbox 360 players too).

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