Recruiting XB1 – FIFA Club Futbol Z

Club Futbol Z.

Before you read this, you have to ask yourself if your down for adapting to a style of play and im really only looking for loyal fifa 15 coins players.

I’m looking to put a competitive team together that can challenge in a FIFA league.

The formation(s) that will be used are 4-3-3 Attack or most likely 4-2-2-2

All positions are Available, I would prefer if you are willing to play anywhere as of course when certain players are not online there positions will need to be filled. Right now priorities are Wingers,CDM and CB I have already found a striker but of course having a versatile player that can play there as well as there main position would be nice.

I’m not too interested in how good you are, all i ask is that you are prepared to play in a certain style, It’s a risky style but i think it would be an enjoyable style, Even for someone playing as right back or defensive midfielder. If your gonna lose at least lose playing good football because as we all know on FIFA not everything is in your own hands.

Hit me up on XB1 if you are interested or just post in this thread and i will add cheap fifa coins you.

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