Is FIFA 15 Cristiano Ronaldo on decline?

It might be premature but for the past 3 months (since November) Cristiano has been playing bad. He is no longer making great buy fifa 15 coins runs and it is obvious he is still nursing that knee injury that he got last may.

He had a great start of the season but for the past few months most of his goals are penalties and he is in the biggest slump of his Madrid career. On top of that he reached thirty years of age last month. Many of the great players have declined when they reached thirty..

I am not saying he wont score 30 goals each season for the next two years. He probably will but looking at him he has taken a step back and father time may not forgive him for that

Everybody hits a slump but the question is will he has enough time to recover..

For messi after his injury it took him 8 months to get in this form but then again he was 26…

I am just saying that by next January Ronaldo will be 31 and then 32.

Cristiano will continue to be a top fifa coins pc player untill the day he retires I just doubt he can reclaim the top spot.. I can see Messi getting 2 more ballon dors and then Neymar time will come

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