Online play : Depressing FIFA 15 stuff

Can’t pass? 40% pass success rate? Not a problem. Tweak a custom tactic to make your AI guys go headless chicken style and just team press constantly. That next cheap goal is just round the corner, no buy fifa coins ps4 skill required. For the win!

Online play is so broken its ridiculous, it’s farcical. Every year it gets worse. I’ve bought PES ahead of FIFA the past 2 years and they’re not far away now, gets closer each time. I hope the next PES offering finally offers a way out of this spammer infested garbage.Every game (Seasons) is just a total slog, foul after foul by the swarm. Blatant penalties ignored, freekicks somehow conceded when you have the ball, tackle the same super human player five times and still not get the ball or just keep doing tackle after tackle as the loose ball gets constantly hoovered up by the opposition.

I’ve played this game to death since Christmas and I think I’ve had my fill now. There’s no point kidding myself the higher up the divisions you go the better the players and games on offer will get. If anything it’s the opposite, games of zero enjoyment, a draining online experience, the beautiful game completely ruined. I’ve made it as high as Div 4 but the games are devoid of entertainment unless of course all that matters is the win.

At least it’s fully licensed though eh?

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