How do YOU play FUT?

I’m curious, do you always have a stacked coin total? Do you switch between different expensive teams often? Do you play with hybrids? Do you have League teams and aim to upgrade each player over buy fifa 15 coins time?

At the moment I’m sitting on 800k with a few cheap teams but I’m getting very bored of the game. I have the likes of Aguero and Di Maria in my club and want to play with expensive teams, but I know I’ve already lost over 200k on the players I have in my club already so I’m reluctant to go and buy a really nice team. I know I won’t be able to sell most of the players I buy even when they lower the price cap.
I was just wondering what “game plan” you have when playing Fifa at the moment because it seems the only way to not have your coin value constantly decreasing is to play with cheap teams. It’s just not fun!

Playing with two 1m+ teams, and they’ve gone down plenty in price. You’ll lose money if you buy a expensive team, but since I can’t trade that much with web app down, it doesn’t matter.

I have about 600k or so, all earned through trading, or playing games, haven’t spent a penny on Fifa points this year and im against buying coins.

i like to try more unorthodox teams and players more often that not, just adds more fun to the game for me, don’t get much of a kick out of using the fifa coins pc standard generic players you see all of the time.

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