Support “Take my Final Fantasy XIV gil!” Emote for Cash Shop

SE if you’re going to add emotes into the Cash Shop then it must be a Emote that is only worth money and that Emote should be…

“Take my Gil!” Emote (aka /takemy Final Fantasy XIV gil! )

because if SE is going to our extra money beyond Subscription fees might as well give us a emote showing they are taking our extra money.

(PS I’m being serious.)

Might as well make a thread focus on this instead of posting it in every Cash Shop emote thread that will be popping up constantly from now. Also this isn’t a complaining thread, I literally would like a “Take my Cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil” Emote in cash shop if they’re going to add emotes into cash shop.

Well I did expect your kind of reaction before making this thread. At first I didn’t want to make this thread since I’ve already posted this anyways on other Cash shop emote complaining threads but I just decided to post it anyways since keeping it as a single thread is better than randomly mentioning the /takemygil emote in the flood of “Emote in Cash Shop” complaining thread that will popping up in General discussion soon.

Misunderstanding about this thread was expect since during this time people are complaining about what is currently happening with cash shop. However, considering the General Discussion section in ENG fourms no matter when I posted this type misunderstanding you made would have happened.

Guess I should have posted the part about this not being a complaining thread but a serious thread about adding a actual “Take my Final Fantasy XIV gil” Emote into the Cash Shop.

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