Declaring Final Fantasy XIV DPS as a non-issue

Declaring Final Fantasy XIV DPS as a non-issue because you aren’t in a world first group is a self-defeating attitude that will make sure you’re one of the last to clear

If you’re in a static, you’re in a FFXIV Gil team.

Do you go into content constantly expecting to make no progress until the stars align and weeks later you’ll maybe get your first clear because you happened to get enough gear to push your DPS to non-abysmal levels?

If so, please find 7 other people that feel the same way and join their static.

If your group wants to actually put in some semblance of effort and you’ve decided “Naaaaaah, I’m just gonna chill and wait for gear to push me to the point where we can actually clear this”, then you’re frankly just being selfish and not a team player.

If you, as a tank, are interested in optimizing your DPS then you belong in a group of like-minded individuals who also want to optimize their job and make steady progress clearing content. If you aren’t interested in this, then there are probably others out there who share your mindset and would be happy to be in your static.

I don’t think either team is “bad”, they’re both interested in different aspects of raiding, but I don’t think you can mix and match both types of players and expect things to go well. You are in a team, and if your team expects you to optimize your job then it’s up to you to decide whether you want to rise to that expectation or leave and join another group.

You just typed a wall of text while Buy FFXIV Gil completely ignoring the point. If you spend all the time and still don’t clear its not the jobs that are the issue which what the community seem to be crying about. It has nothing to do with most of what you just said. People in this community are crying because they can’t do it and are all trying to point at Final Fantasy XIV PLD being bad… Well groups have cleared with it so clearly that tanks dps was ok! I guess I shouldn’t have made this if people arnt even going to try and get the point and make a point completely unrelated.

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