Maybe you’re only seeing 100-150 DPS as a PLD or a FFXIV DRK

What world are you living in? Maybe you’re only seeing 100-150 DPS as a PLD or a UFFXIV DRK, but if a WAR is only pulling 100-150 more DPS on AoE pulls than single target they should take a look at how they’re playing the class. You talk about cookie cutter sets and misinformation, yet here you are spreading it yourself.

Thanks for ending the debate though…

I had this discussion in another topic, but I can tell you what it boils down to:

If the DPS you gain from wearing STR accessories over VIT accessories outweighs the GCDs lost from the healer (if any) then FFXIV Gil STR is better. The idea, especially for WAR, is that by wearing STR accessories you gain damage from every single enemy hit with Overpower every single GCD – which will add up to a lot of extra damage. There’s a lot of caveats to this discussion – outside of I believe Astro (not entirely sure, I just see them casting a massive spell all the time), a healer’s AOE DPS rotation doesn’t last for very long. As an example, once a SCH puts up DoTs + Bane + Miasma 2 they’re just using Broil from then on, whereas I’m nonstop using Overpower, so the minimum I need to be alive for is their opening set of DoTs + Miasma 2, because beyond then the DPS I gain from STR accessories far outweighs their DPS from single target Broil.

It’s fun to discuss the merits of STR tanking in trash situations and everything, but honestly your accessory choice Cheap FFXIV Gil doesn’t matter all too much in a 4man dungeon. As long as you’re surviving stuff, you’re fine.

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