Albion Online in Ultra-Black Zones

In a game world where the Hardcore are Casuals, and the Casuals play on Hardmode, comes a place that even the most hardest of “hardcore” zergling will fear to go…

Ultra-Black zones have all the highest tier mats and mobs in the game. Dungeons, hell gates, and relics. (no crafting station, because the “hardcore” casuals will QQ if they have to come into this zone without their zerg)

Everyone who enters the zone is flagged by buy Albion Online Gold .
Raids are not allowed in the zone, only groups.
Guild/Alliance members are not protected from friendly fire (unless they are in your 5 man group, of course)

Everyone who is saying they want hardcore, this would be it. And it’s exactly what a lot of us were hoping Albion would be.

Removed “Ultra-Purple” zones, which was added half-jokingly.
ure it does. It just means that zerg guilds/alliances are protected from each other’s attacks.

In an ultra-purple zone where people need to Albion Online Silver, non-flags would be safe from each other, but all reds who were not in a group would damage each other, regardless of alliance/guild. Actually, you’re right. That’d be a shitty place to flag up, wouldn’t it?

Clearly, you have no understanding of PvP and crowd-based behavior.

If you think that AoEs and skillshot abilities are the only thing you need to worry about when everyone in a zone is red to you, you have no grasp of how PvP works in this game.

Also, taking a shot at the career professionals that work on the dev team, when you yourself have absolutely no understanding of game design or development, is very 2003.

Got any other glib comments you’d like to add? I’m happy to address them as well.

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