Chronicles of Albion Online: WarLegend

You guys constantly keep crying that the (please god forgive me for using this word).. “carebears” need to be pushed to Red/Black zones to further their progression in game. So i tried this, in fact I spent the last 4 days of playing only exploring Red/Black areas to try and further my progression. And guess what? I have YET to meet ANY small group in Red/Black zones. Every single instance where I met players, it was always a zerg of 10 – 20 players running around and (what they call) “Hardcore PvP’ing”

So please let me thank you sincerely for providing me with comedic relief when reading your cryposts on this forum. Next time try farm with 1/2/3 people in a Red/Black zone before you start crying about “carebears” not wanting to die to your “Hardcore PvP” zerg.

Anyways, this is a good idea and I can’t wait to go on an expedition.

Hello,for first,sorry for my bad english.I realy unlike open pvp in red/black zones.Why?Ok so,i am PvE content player and gathering,sell/buy in auction house and for now its for me PvP not interester(GvG is good!! but open PvP its for only idiots)..So what is super when group of 20 people kill 1 or 2 or 5 people?Its realy not funn for people like me..If i need go progress in game i have 2 ways,buy golds,spend for silver,buy xxxxx equips and go risk red zone gather something,kill me 15 idiots,ok i back in town,use next gear what i buy and go to some other red/black and all what i need is luck..Ok wow,nice,when i go death for 50x i must go again buy gold and spend for silver and and and…Why no make safe zones and no make PvP battles like GvG?Arenas or some where is fight x vs x and no zerg 20 vs 5…This is for people like me what looking for PvE content or if i need some pvp,ok i go to some arena and fight but this open pvp its sucks…I am working man,i have wife,family,i can play 3-4hour per day and when i need fun with Albion Online Gold now,all what i get its death…I realy wonder stop play for now because its not fun for me..If i need go gather some i must go to red/black because all what is in low zones its no interesting for me and when i go this nice red/black zone i farm 10-15min and bum bum zerg 15idiots and i am death..Why this nice game its only for this..I no say stop PvP in this game,no no,its nice but this game need change PvP system…GvG its nice,make some like that,arenas or battlegrounds where players get special items or some(mounts,gear or cosmetics or titles..)…Or if you need realy open world like now,ok no problem,i do not mind deaths,no problem,but problem is when i death i lost all my gear..Its very unfair..I spend some time for craft/or farm silver/resources for make my gear and i can lost because 15 mans kill me in one sec..Ok so no go to red/black..I can stay in town and chat with other peoples 3-4hours and logout..:-D Nice..PvP realy need get balanced or some changes…Thanks.

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