The Fame Issue In Albion Online

Aside from the fame issue… I dont suppose Im the only one with this issue, but when breeding my horses and oxes, I drop the 10 wheat or carrots needed for the animals get fully grown, but the time cap at 22h sometimes makes it so that 10 food gives 21:59:59 worth of food and that one remaning second dont allow the animal to be fully grown and requires me to feed it and extra carrot or wheat for just that one second. I dont think it’s intentional.
His is sad but true. The more accounts you are willing to run the faster you can progress with faming / mount raising by

buy Albion Online Gold

. These mule characters server no purpose other than taking their island to lvl 6 and adding your main farming character to the list of co-owners, they then sit forever and never get played. If someone is willing to spend enough on the 30$ packs they could theoretically Hit t7 mounts in 8 days (24 hours to get your first round of food up, then 7 rounds of mounts). T7-8 Is a bit more tricky though since you need mass dire boars.
Since the prices on the Albion Online Silver, this feature will be hard to balance and depending on how much PvP is done in the world and how large the continously incoming playerbase passing by the tier of the given items are, it might just end up unused. If it’s balanced to ensure that it will not be unused, we might instead end up with a playerbase unable to buy the gear and being forced into crafting.

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