MapleStory Book-Cover Design Contest

I’m happy to look foward to hearing this new CM in the near future! I hope to see the stuff that this person will bring along to the community. I expect no rush for the new CM to introduce themselves just yet, but eventually when settled in the spot.
Thanks again for relaying the information gap OneLetter!
School is back in full swing in most parts of Maple World by buy MapleStory Mesos , and we want to celebrate by holding the first ever MapleStory Book-Cover Design Contest!
In this contest, you will create a cover for one of your school books (or a book at home, for those who aren’t in school), decorate it with MapleStory art, and post a picture of it in this thread.
I would like to introduce you guys to a new method in which we will handle and review arbitration requests for MapleStory Forum Accounts. This is not to be confused with your game account, however, if you have, in the past, been permanently banned from the forum, or if you have been banned for a temporary period of time and you feel it necessary to appeal that suspension, this is the form for you!
All submitted requests will be reviewed directly by myself and appropriate action taken where applicable. I hope this MapleStory Mesos to open our forums up to those who may have been banned for unjust reasons in the past, and to review any bans that may have happened due to forum bugs – among other reasons.
This document is officially open for use at the time of this post, and requests will receive a response if accepted within 5-7 business days.

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