Some Problem On Albion Online

The problem many people have with the farming from last alpha is, that everyday you want to log in and enjoy the game, because you and your guild prepared everything and set up all the bases, you just could do it.
You ask why not just log in and jump into the action? Farming, i had to spend multiple hours, i dont even know how many exactly, on the field, clicking on vegetables and animals over and over again by buy Albion Online Gold, day after day, week after week.
Some people may have experience this system different, but i dont think any guild wich wanted to try the more endgame pvp related content had actual “fun” with farming. but that is just my opionion, some people may agree, other may disagree. Before you flame me, that i only make the system bad instead of trying to improve it, i have tried to offer different solutions to the system
So really the issue here is that farming making you need food is fine but because of the constant desire everyone has to log in everyday to get enough food to not forfeit your guild base. To a part not being active and gathering food means you open the space for other active guilds who do put in the work for the world should never stay static with guilds never losing land ever.
But as every player currently needed to farm their share Albion Gold Mall was basically forcing players to play everyday and farm which they do not want to do.
So i take from that food should be used for upgrades and not maintence so that everyone needs to do it and yet at the same time does not need to do it. or give people more time to pay the bills as it were.

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