Game Launcher To Get Into MapleStory

If you’re patching MapleStory on the Nexon Launcher, you may encounter an issue where the download seems to get stuck at 100%.
After completing the download, Nexon Launcher stays at 100% for 5 to 10 minutes while it finishes the patch. Please let it finish without pressing the ‘X’ button or the ‘Pause’ button, as this will interrupt the patching process. The MapleStory Mesos  will change to ‘PLAY’ after 5 to 10 minutes.

We are working to resolve this display issue as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience!
I was able to patch with no problems through Nexon Launcher as a second option after failing to manual patch.
I use game launcher to get into MapleStory, which isn’t working at the moment. It’s giving me an error that the client is outdated, even though I’m able to get on just fine through Nexon Launcher. What could be the cause for this? I may redownload the game at a later time to see if that fixes the problem.
Thats lucky been trying to get it working tried repairing manual patch and everything. When I hit play it doesn’t really work then randomly it starts working all buggy I get to the main screen with the new artwork saying v166.1 farthest I got was into the character screen but it keeps freezing don’t know how to fix it. I don’t think my launcher downloaded the update by Cheap MapleStory Mesos  , reinstalling now to see if that works.
I think i did the worst thing you can do to the game..I uninstalled the NEXON launcher and now i cannot install it since it always freezes up on “updating nexon launcher”. Any tips for this problem? Also, if there was a website where i can get the newest version of nexon launcher it would help. The one that all the links go is the one that keeps making me update…

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