The Needs Filled Of Albion Online

here was Sandbox of Destruction in Winter 2013 that filled the void, Albion Academy in Spring 2014, I believe Vikings to an extent in Summer 2014 ( the guild that hit 300 because they took all members), and honestly, I can’t remember a guild that filled this need fully in Winter 2015.
The bar has been set high (I think) for guilds that aim to fulfill this Albion Online Silver. While some core members will stay with a beginner’s guild, members will grow out of their lifejackets and swim with their own strength, joining other guilds. The established guilds would likely benefit from higher initial human capital in prospective members.
The safety net of a beginner guild should not be underestimated. The established guilds are already handle themselves, so while the old guild registry was nice, I don’t think those guilds will suffer. These new players need to discover their role in a guild, their play style in Albion, and find their voice … to tell their own story.
Another example is in the last Alpha a guild called ‘The Wolves’ was a fairly strong guild and was in the top 40 in almost every category. However they are not eligible as they did not have over 20 members. Another example is Rising Millennium – a successful guild that established in the last Alpha that was high in the leader boards and had over 100 members, however they are not eligible as the guild leader did not successfully create a guild page as proof of existence or members and no one in the guild streamed or recorded game play by Cheap Albion Online Gold. There are plenty of guilds that are not eligible for this page due to restrictions and because of that they are at a high risk of dying out. This is Alpha we should be encouraging new guilds not creating barriers.

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