Albion Online Crafting Items Guide:A Safe Zone For Whatever Reason

-Before entering the zone know the closest escape zone. Is the zone north/east/west/south green/yellow/red/black?
If it is green/yellow it is safe for you to escape there and you should have hopefully plotted your course to the gathering destination with that in mind so you can quickly evade the hostiles and get into a safe zone where they can’t touch you (or at least not loot your body in yellow zones)

If you can not get to a safe zone for whatever reason you have 3 choices.
1. Fight all 10 of them and go out in a blaze of glory. You’ll lose all your stuff but at least you went out like Albion Mall !
2. Run to the closest safe zone. This might mean traveling to the nearest gate and continuing to escape until you can reach a green/yellow zone.
3. (My personal favorite) Be a Ninja!
I will focus on 3 because in my experience it is the most effective way of surviving when you’ve been discovered and can not easily reach a green/yellow zone.

Trying to run across multiple zones to reach a safe spot will usually get you super dead because even after your spear/boots movement boosts have gotten you some distance from your enemy, they still have horses and you probably only have an ox… a big, fat, slow, stupid ox. Times like this having your own horse would be great but I don’t bring one because of the risk/reward implicated.

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