Good audio normalization Of Albion Online

Cross-platform. Available on Windows, Linux and OS X.Good audio normalization. Mumble includes great automatic volume adjustment functionality that can be used to prevent big volume changes while still allowing good communication.
Use of certificates offers more security and easy people management. Mumble uses certificates for user buy Albion Online Gold identification. A certificate can be generated by the user himself or issued by a third-party organization with organization certificates having 2 classes. A self-generated certificate is not tied to anything, a Class 1 certificate is tied to an e-mail address and a Class 2 certificate requires proof of identity. Depending on the server a different level of certification might be required.
In-game overlay. An in-game overlay can be enabled to show users in the channel or users talking. Overlay can be disabled completely or on a per-game basis by going to Settings->Overlay.

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