Global Population Albion Online Counter

From what I’ve seen furnitures are quite expensive in most cities if you buy them on the AH, I think the ressource cost is fine . It’s not a really interesting market for crafters, low volume, no progression and everyone can craft it. But since everyone can craft his fourniture I don’t think it’s a problem.

IMO the ressources given by laborers are too low now, you have to take into account that you need some buy Albion Online Gold organisation (eventually travelling) to use it.

You know I think one thing that no one including the DEV’s and hard core players aren’t considering is that yes Fame books are easy to fill especially if you go to out of the way places and only do T5.4 and up nodes.

The thing we might be forgetting is that the game is pretty much dead compared to the first 3 weeks of this latest launch. Probably 6X fewer people playing the game (speculation). I wish we could have a global population online counter. Anyway once the game’s population start really going Albion Mall good it’s not going to be easy to fill those books. But your ideas of filling books and mine probably don’t compare I fill almost 200 books and send them out on any given day. at one point I had 41k T2-4 lumber alone. I finally spent / sold off some of it.

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