Sorting And Filtering The Albion Online Sheer

It’s as if somebody didn’t read the thread or has any idea what he’s talking about.Here’s a little hint for anyone clueless: Policing and enforcing “One Account per Player” is close to impossible. Sorting and filtering the sheer amount of people playing the game is not worth the cost and there’s no elegant solution available. What needs to be done is the game needs to be constructed differently and offer gameplay where somebody has to put most of his attention into it.

Going through with this and applying this silly rule is short sighted and unwise. I believe that would be done mostly to appease the plebs that just have no idea.

As long as the has a system to kill spawnable mobs and gather resources over time, there is no way to create a gameplay that doesn’t add value if you try to mix max. And due to the competitive nature of most mmo due to gear or achievements progression, optimise strategy is necessary, this would buy Albion Online Gold include get the best of your time and therefore maximise your expertise and tools at your disposal. This means that people who want to push that much, will multiaccount to get an edge. “Professionals” have got 64/128GB RAM machines (probably used also for other games), with multiple CPU config, and multiple 980/Fury equivalent ready to go, they could run many instances in one go, up to 16 for each 4k monitor, automate each screen region, and pretty much take control of many in game resources nodes.

If this will happen or not (and its severity), it will be all about how popular the game will be and how much money traffic will generate in the black market. This is not Sandbox Interactive fault, but it’s an issue that no developer can do anything about it.

This style game can be policed by the players themselves, just as it is done in eve online. If there is one player running 10 accounts tto actively farm the resources, you have a pvp enforceable way to kill them and take those resources. That one player will not be able to defend or escape effectively and is a free kill.

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