Create A Albion Online Billion Dollar Title

I get the IP problems etc. but one character policy was something that made me hope for better mmos.They can make this game but not feasible, you can start with a buy to play, then you add passport id request and verification for each player in person (they should open branches around the world to do the face to face verification), which is like a next-gen version of what they are doing in south korea, now let’s see who is going to risk 🙂

Game like Destiny have consumed like $500 million dollars, with the upcoming VR into the mainstream in the next 5-10 years, you would never know a google or facebook like company might catch the Cheap Albion Online Gold right time to create a billion dollar title to live a real virtual reality at home, and might ask you passport to play.

I voted yes only because people will do it anyway. Might as well make it legal and fair to everyone. Also would like SI to build more systems into the game that promote playing the entire game on one character. As it is now, you get to pick one portion of the game you wish to excel at. If you want to be a decent crafter/pvper you are going to either work very very hard or make two accounts.

It already makes sense to make multiple accounts anyway. More inventory, can leave one in town playing the market, not risking your main character gear while gathering. Players with VPN’s and multiple Albion Mall devices will min max this game more than you know.
or people could just play with the LP system, ( gasp ) I know shocker, we might have to exp up a little slower and play the game longer.People will always look for a shortcut, there is no perfect system. All these folks wanting to rank up quick are the same people that will be complaining that they maxed out to fast. Hell from the way people are talking about this everyone might as well just

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