Introducing active and passive Albion Online mouse clicks

Well, those are some really important changes Albion should make to increase the overall fun capacity of their game, but in the Number 1 slot we have something fundamental to PvP which many would argue is the whole point of a PvP game…

Want to look a player? Oops, you just attacked him.Want to run away from an enemy? O look, you just attacked a Fox. Then started harvesting a tree. And then, you clicked on your ally instead of moving.

PvPing starts with being able to control your Avatar’s movements, but in Albion, such control is not guaranteed. Every click in buy Albion Online Gold is an active click -meaning if your cursor just so happens to be hovering over something that can activate… then it will activate. And that means you will be losing control of your avatar in the middle of a PvP at a seemingly random point in the fight when you just happen to position your mouse on top of something and click. Of course this fundamental problem with one of the game’s most important features is easily remedied by introducing active and passive mouse clicks. Whether it is right and left mouse button, or shift mouse click or whatever your favorite hot key combination might be. Fixing this simple thing in the game would make controlling your avatar so much less frustrating and therefore so much more fun.

So there you have it. The top 3 most important things to change in Albion. Yes, there is tons more you can do, but these three Cheap Albion Online Gold things aren’t just for show… they are fundamental things in the game mechanics. These are things that I’m actually surprised haven’t been fixed from previous alphas. I suspect that devs are overwhelmed with feedback and the testing of newer content.

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