Increase of your Albion Online stats

I believe the original poster’s intent was just trying to speed up travel time in general.
I was trying to point out there could be more realistic advantages too mode of travel dependent on the terrain in actual warfare.

Just bumping up road speed can be traced back to the efficiency of the Romans and their road building. Definitely an advantage in strategic warfare. AO isn’t really strategic warfare, so I was trying to point out some things that are feasible too implement as well as being a bit more realistic and fun.

I would like to suggest that what if there will be a bed in our house(in AO) and use it as sleeping of course…yeh bcuz base from what I see in youtube you got morning,afternoon and night. How can this help AO? So you guys like a 10% increase to run faster on road, what about increasing your stats in like only a little percentage(idk what percent to give im not good with it…) by just Albion Online Silver sleeping on your bed during night time?? Well I think this could also help your house like a real life house so that is why I also suggest a bed/bed room in AO houses.Well…I think for me it can let the game more strategical bcuz like for example if you are a hard working player in game and you dont feel like going to sleep bcuz you like you need something to accomplish(like lvling your skills) then there would be a time you wont go to sleep and also like for example if you want be a little stronger to prepare for pvp/gvg tomorrow then you just go to your bed and sleep to gain a little increase of your stats. Hope that you know what I mean guys.

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