Enjoyed in Albion Online

Well I was to play archeage but I was always a bit worried by the fact I was seeing that game not going well, dont really know why, I think because of the system of the game would cause such a mix up of things it would be a mess. What I really enjoyed in Albion is the fact that its a Albion Online Power Leveling sandbox mmo with systems that are simple, and even if you have several things, it is simple in the way you understand everything well and you really know what your doing and going for. I think for me the real challenge to sandbox games is to implement the sandbox specific systems, mix them up, and achieve in the end a well structured and understandable system so players can understand them well and enjoy the game at max.

I still think Albion Online isnt too much known, and it needs much more advertising but its alpha stage so, for the alpha tests there as been quite a lot of people. The reactions so far have been pretty positive towards the game.
I can say so far that Im not disappointed of paying 100$ for the legendary pack.

They turned it way to much pay to win and required you labor to do EVERYTHING besides combat put in labour potions which boosts this so people willing to drop a bucket of cash on it will buy 100 labor pots sell them for 1000-5000 gold ingame which can take countless hours-days of trade runs depending on the method u use to make gold in game which then is a f2p repellent because the game is pay to win and not play as long as they don’t make it so Albion Mall require some bullshit energy to chop a log or add op p2w stuff in Albion wont end up the same i also have a few good friends who quit because of the same reason.

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