Finish the item collecting MapleStory quests

If Nexon telling us with signs sitting in front of a computer is hzzardous then it’s clear, they have no sense of real-life balance nor the expectation that they really care about our health if this was the case.

It’s okay thought I guess I expect too much from Nexon these days.I don’t know what to say to you guys. I could be a real jerk and just say the quest asked for 15 PQ, no more and no less, why would you do more? Why weren’t you keeping track of it with the Ludi PQ count? How come you are not using lucky winter and/or 2x event to finish the item collecting quests? Those could have took 1 day each. Why is it Santa mission is dcing with you? Are you sure it’s not the bad weather going on over there? :/

Maybe because people don’t read forum a lot until something happen to them and that’s when they go to the forum…Imo I like to surf around just to keep an eye out for possible Cheap MapleStory Mesos
glitches and bugs so i can inform my friends to avoid this kind of situation, friend and I were able to finish the entire Sizzling Santa Questlines safe and smooth.

Anywho to people who had their stuff glitched, hope they give the event an extend, otherwise good luck and no worries, the reward is just funzies.Well, I wasn’t able to find someone to complete 15 consecutive PQ’s with me, and my second partner who was also doing Sizzling Santa needed 2-3 more to finish. Problem wasn’t openly known then, and why turn it in right away when I could just do 2-3 real quick and save us both some time.

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