Understand the Star MapleStory World chairs

I still have all the untradeable Star World Chairs on me. I recall a lot of people asking that at some point they be made Movement in Account, but nothing came about. I understand the Star World chairs weren’t Movement in Account originally to avoid exploiting for the final chair, but since the event is long over, I think its time we were able to put them away. People tell me I should just toss them, but I spent far too long trying to get them all to waste Cheap MapleStory Mesos
them like that. They are eating a ton of my space. I, too, have max Set-Up slots and a Twelve-Slot Chair Bag, but I’m about a line or two from the inventory’s cap. I could store about 8-10 chairs on other characters, but most of the chairs I can actually move I’d rather keep.

If anything, I wish more chairs were Movement in Account. There are some chairs I want to keep, but don’t want on my main character as much as others. The Planet chairs were Movement in Account, and I was able to store them on another character to save space. I wish more chairs were like this.

On the point of more inventory space for chairs and equipment: I can understand if adding storage space per player means each player takes up more data on the servers. Implementing a new type of storage is a big decision when you want everything to work right, access right, etc. But it would help, considering how many items are Untradeable nowadays. You can’t just keep tossing valuables for space, when we’re given so many valuables. this needs to be helped , im a big chair collector , my inventory is maxed and i run out on space cuz of all the events untradeable chairs , dont get me wrong , i love them but it be nice to move them , if you guys dont want us to sell them or whatever , let us at least trade it between characters of the same MS Mesos account , i would love to have all my favorite chairs in my main , but i cant , cuz i need to constantly send my chairs that are tradeable to my other character causes im out of space , i love all the chairs you guys come up with , so im always getting more n more xD , but please help us with this issue , we either need more space or at least be able to move them

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