Albion Online: Your idea with checkpoints is also cool

I love the idea of treasure hunter and have mentioned it before in passing in other threads.

I like to use the UO (ultima online) analogy where the maps were very rarely drops from mobs, but actually came more often from a really mundane skill of fishing. This made fishing a bit more profitable on the off chance that you got a nice map to sell, or go and try to complete yourself.

I had actually made a dedicated treasure hunter in UO and it was quite profitable, and a really fun way of being a casual & solo player because it takes you to places that are not usual HUBS/CENTERS of attention in dangerous zones – such as dungeons for example. Problem with AO Gold being the bottleneck entrances to and from zones rather than being able to access zones in different methods you are completely limited to walking through a gated entrance chokepoint that can quite easily be used to camp you in or out of zones.

Nice man great ideas really. I especially love the idea of prisons! It would be sweet if there were actual large prisons that had communities inside. Being careful to make many routes for getting back out….working the time off…..getting hired out by the royals……breaking out….getting broken out…etc. Whole new avenues of trade open up. most interesting stuff here.

I think the tast requirements are overthinking this otherwise beautiful idea. Just put out checkpoints on 4-6 places (randomly) on the map, and once all have been visited reveal the albion online gold for sale location. Not everyone can craft X T6 bows, nor would they want to leave the zone to go find an auctioner, or go into a dungeon and not kill things. If you have a map and want to find treause, what you want to do is *look* for it.

I see your point. What I was thinking when creating it it was:

Cooperating with other people if you can’t do it yourself (guild, friends) since task could be done by anyone who is holding the map
Progression without thinking only about grind
Event rarity + difficulty opens way for a good reward inside the chest and we have to agree, reward is what makes treasure hunts somehow special and exciting. There would be stories how someone got a cool item before.

Your idea with checkpoints is also cool, it could be like map scraps in different locations, but there is a big problem that people hate already: running simulator, and just going between checkpoints without doing anything I think would make it even worse.

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