I think creating a fair in Albion Online

I like a lot of your ideas here, in particular the price trackers and right click options.

In response to the Crime part you have here I made a detailed post way back in alpha (actually similar to what they have implemented in some ways) which you can read here and maybe use some of those albion online gold shop to flesh out your idea here. (the part about reputation and crime is down toward the bottom of the post under the subtitle Changes to the PvP system for “Criminals”)

1 .to your right click, as its already working as a quick equip and a move only function on the playfield, i would suggest to add a contect menu or as comon in tablet games this action cycle when holding left for a while instead of just clicking. That wouldn’t break any current controls, just add the functionality that you want.

2. a simple price tracking without any limitations would just make the whole market way to transparent and in no time, all price everywhere would be the same. U would take away that feeling if you find one item noone thought about where you can make a huge profit. Its like showing all the minable Albion Online Gold directly on the minimap when you enter a zone. I mean in this case, they could also just easily make it one global market or add the items from the other market places to the one you are browsing just wih a delivery fee, depending on the distance and the risk of travel. So if i am in Kingsmarket and an item is 100 here but in queensmarket its for 50 and 20 delivery cost, i could order it from there and save 30 but again it would take away the trading and logisik aspect of the game.

But I agree, that the current Auction House UI definitely needs and overhaul. With this filter right now its just more than annoying.

3. I also think that the crime system could add up to some more content. I think adding a bounty on someones head should be only be possible by the victims, so if you get killed by someone you can put Albion Online Silver on his head. Tracking function, not that good I think, I understad you want to add the “profession” of bounty hunting, but it would also be easily exploitable. take one huge pvp guild, one plays bait kills some ppl, they add some nice bounty, some bountyhunters buy the maps see where they were last seen. the bait ofc doesn’t move and they just wait there with 100 men and just kill everybody coming there and loot you. I think such a system would actually benefit more the “bad” guys than the “good”.

I think creating a fair and enjoyable reputation and crime system with the current game mechanics is maybe even impossible.

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